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Root Canal Therapy




When tooth pain stems from deep below the enamel, dentists will opt for root canal treatment to save the tooth. Root canals can prevent the tooth from becoming infected or treat a tooth that is already infected, thus preventing the need of extraction.  Dr. Stoeckl treats 95% of his root canal patients in his office.  Each dental treatment plan is created on a case by case basis.

Root Canal Signs and Symptoms

Severe tooth pain
Hot and cold sensitivity
Tender swollen gums
Abscess on gums
Change in tooth color

There are some patients who will never experience a sign or symptom when in need of root canal therapy. Routine dental exams along with a good dental hygiene routine are very important to prevent future problems. Once decay has reached the inner portion of the tooth, a filling or
crown alone will not correct the problem.

The inside of a tooth contains living tissue (pulp) with blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Once decay enters this area (through a deep cavity or cracked tooth), infections and abscesses evolve. Root canal treatment will remove the infected pulp and if necessary, the affected root. The whole process sounds invasive, but they are not as scary as people may think. In most cases, the process is similar to a routine filling that may require a second appointment. In the end, a crown or
filling is used to restore the integrity of the tooth. A good dental plan performs the least invasive treatment. Root canal therapy prevents future dental problems by saving a tooth from extraction. An extraction will only create the need for additional treatment like an implant or bridge to retain the integrity and position of all remaining teeth.

Our office uses digital x-rays to get to the root of the problem. Proper diagnosis is essential to a complete dental plan. Our office is a modern facility equipped to handle most root canal therapy cases. When needed, Dr. Stoeckl will work with an Endodontist to properly treat the problem.

Once the root canal treatment is complete, Dr. Stoeckl suggests favoring the opposite side of the mouth, eating soft foods and keeping the area clean to allow the treated area to heal.


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W177 N9856 Rivercrest Drive
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